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The SAIC Solution, 2nd Edition


A must-read for those interested in improving productivity of their employees in a global economy

~ B.R. Inman, Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.)


(Dr. Beyster’s) revised book teaches us that corporate governance and the role of boards requires an equivalent emphasis for employee ownership to sustain itself in a major corporation

~ Joseph Blasi, Rutgers University, School of Management and Labor Relations, Author of The Citizen’s Share

In The SAIC Solution 2nd Edition, Dr. J. Robert Beyster, the founder of SAIC who grew the company into the largest employee-owned research and engineering company, addresses a number of recent issues faced by SAIC, including its 2006 IPO and the subsequent dismantling of its employee-ownership culture, significant loss of shareholder value, and eventual split up of the company. This book includes best practices for steady and rapid growth, and is a cautionary tale for any entrepreneur, company founder, or executive who may find that the company and culture he or she built over the course of many years is at risk.

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The SAIC Solution: How We Built an $8 Billion Employee-Owned Technology Company

Published in the spring of 2007, The SAIC Solution tells the story of scientist and reticent entrepreneur  J. Robert Beyster, who at 45 years of age, started a technology company with a small group of fellow scientists and engineers. The story provides an inside look at how this employee-owned company grew, making Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) one of the most successful research and technology companies in the world.

The book is organized into 14 chapters. These chapters address the principles that were used to run SAIC, a discussion of SAIC's corporate governance and Dr. Beyster's perspective on the future of technology.

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The SAIC Story

In 2007, The SAIC Solution: How We Built an $8 Billion Employee-Owned Technology Company, was published, telling the story of one of the most successful research and development companies in the world: Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), founded by Dr. J. Robert Beyster in La Jolla, California in 1969.   The principles described in the book have been the subject of many articles, some of which we are proud to share with you here, along with video panel discussions featuring Dr. J. Robert Beyster and senior executives who worked at SAIC during its formative years.  We have audio interviews and a photo gallery capturing events related to the book, as well as thought pieces from veterans of the SAIC’s unique and powerful employee ownership environment.  If you have a related experience you wish to share, please send it electronically via email to


  • Articles — Thought pieces from employee owners

    Bob Beyster, employee owner for over 30 years, SAIC

    • Obama's Top-Three Priorities: The Economy, The Economy, and The Economy - Xconomy READ
    • SAIC Principles and Practices (PDF, 502 KB) — excerpt from The SAIC Solution READ
    • Embracing Change Through Employee Ownership (PDF, 112 KB) — Benefits & Compensation Digest READ
    • Series of articles — Daily Biz Solutions READ
    • The Nine Principles of Organizational Innovation (PDF, 76 KB) - Leadership Excellence READ
    • Learn to Own Up for Engagement - Manage Smarter READ
    • Unlocking the Power of Ownership - READ
    • Dr. Joseph Blasi interviewing Dr. Beyster (PDF, 1.2 MB) READ

    Jim Russell, Employee owner for over 30 years, SAIC

    • Little Things Beget Big Things (PDF, 302 KB) READ
    • Are Proposal Specialists Crazy or Just Different — (PDF) READ
    • Be Prepared to Adapt When Your Capture Plan Goes Awry (PDF) READ
    • Did the Lessons I Learned Growing up Prepare Me for Employee Ownership and Entrepreneurship in Science and Technology — (PDF) READ

    Bill Scott, Employee owner for over 30 years, SAIC

    • Myth #1: Employee Ownership Is Good for Founders (PDF, 183 KB) READ
    • Myth #2: More Employee Ownership Is Always Better (PDF, 66 KB) READ
    • Myth #3: Going Public Ends Employee Ownership (PDF, 264 KB) READ
    • Myth #4: Employee Ownership Leads to Two Corporate Excesses: Employee Entitlements and Executive Compensation (PDF, 250 KB) READ

    Carl Albero, Employee owner for over 20 years, SAIC

    • The AMSEC Story (PDF, 288 KB) READ

    Matt Tobriner, Employee owner for over 35 years, SAIC

    • Corporate Governance in Employee-Owned Companies (PDF, 254 KB) READ

  • Videos — Interviews and panel discussions about The SAIC Solution

    An Interactive videoconference at Carnegie Mellon (5 mins) – February 14, 2008


    • Art Boni, Professor, Carnegie Mellon, Tepper School of Business


    • Dr. J. Robert Beyster; Dr. Gene Ray (Founder and Former Chairman & CEO, Titan Corporation)


    UCSD Founders Panel (58 mins) – June 25, 2007

    Presented by the Rady School of Management


    • Tom Dillon, Former SAIC Officer


    • Dr. J. Robert Beyster; Dr. Gene Ray (Founder and Former Chairman & CEO, Titan Corporation)

    Lessons Learned from SAIC for Today's Business Climate (5 mins) – May 23, 2007

    Presented by MIT Enterprise Forum with CONNECT


    • Scott Horsley, Business Correspondent, National Public Radio (NPR)


    • Dr. J. Robert Beyster; Dr. Gene Ray (Founder and Former Chairman & CEO, Titan Corporation);
    • Tom Darcy (Former CFO and Executive Vice President for Strategic Projects, SAIC);
    • Bill Roper (Former Executive Vice President for Strategic Investments, SAIC)

    View Full 20 minute video (requires Quicktime)

  • Podcast — Audio interview of Dr. J. Robert Beyster about The SAIC Solution

    Management Issues, The Working Week 24 — October 9, 2007 (12 mins). play it

    "The Working Week" is a weekly digest of news, blogs, and opinion from the pages of Each week, host Wayne Turmel leads a discussion on matters important to business, management development and human resources.

  • Photo Gallery of The SAIC Solution book signing events


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