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FED produced a documentary film, which was originally meant to present student’s views expressed in the recent national essay contest, Creating Wealth By Sharing WealthTM. After three years, the film evolved and we changed course. Our award-winning documentary film, We the Owners: Employees Expanding the American Dream, captures stories from founders and employee-owners on sharing responsibility and reward. More Information

Business Simulation Tool

In collaboration with the FED, MIT Systems Dynamics Center has designed and launched CleanStart, a free business simulation tool where participants play the role of a founder of a startup company in the exciting and competitive clean tech sector. The live, web-based simulation includes employee ownership impacts along with decisions on compensation, financing, and product development. We are proud to have had our Beyster Fellow work on this tool; instructional and teaching video guides will soon be available. More here

Essay Contest

During the 2010 fall term, The FED sponsored the first-ever multi-university essay contest to catalyze graduate and undergraduate students’ thinking on business principles and strategies for establishing more sustainable economies in the 21st Century through broad-based employee ownership and profit sharing. By engaging young minds across the nation from a variety of schools, the Creating Wealth By Sharing WealthTM National Essay Contest has energize a national dialog with this next generation on using share the wealth principles for economic recovery. We thank the students, professors and judges for their participation and are pleased to announce the National Winners and feature the winning essays.
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The FED and the Employee Ownership Foundation collaborated to create the largest online Curriculum Library on Employee Ownership (CLEO), containing materials focused on EO, including up-to-date company case studies, syllabi, and other educational materials. More Information

Curriculum Development

Striving to integrate ownership principles and mechanisms into the core curriculum of business schools, the FED is supporting the production of teaching materials, including case studies, teaching modules, and syllabi. The FED is passionate about equipping the next generation of entrepreneurs and executives with the tools to fully explore the most viable business models and practices. More Information

Beyster Fellowship Symposium

The FED hosts the largest academic symposium of scholars involved in the interdisciplinary study of employee stock ownership and participation. Annual agendas and proceedings are available for since the inaugural symposium in 2009. More Information

Promoting Education

The FED strives to increase awareness of ownership and participative management principles among students, entrepreneurs, and business leaders through educational curricula.