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Announcing Nationwide University Essay Contest Winners

More than 430 graduate and undergraduate students from across the U.S. submitted inspiring essays describing their strategies and practices for increasing employee motivation and participation in enterprise growth, creating innovative and productive firms, and establishing more fair and sustainable economies in the 21st century through broad-based employee ownership and profit sharing in the corporation.  The diversity in approach, style, and creative thinking was most impressive!  Our prestigious panel of judges had no easy task and each student can be justifiably proud of their thoughtful submissions.

We thank the students, professors and our judges for their participation and are pleased to announce the National Winners and feature the winning essays.
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National Winners

 1st place - Terry Williamson, UCSD, MBA Candidate
“The difference will not be in the quality or novelty of the product I sell, or the service my company offers, but in the commitment, motivation, and empowerment of the people who do not work “for” but who work “with” me. I am calling it my “two cows and a cart” strategy.” Read the essay.

 2nd place - Douglas Ashburn, Illinois Institute of Technology, MBA Candidate
“If an organization can be thought of as a vehicle, the wheels are its people. They transform the motivational energy into directional purpose.”
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 3rd place - Alexandr Bolgari, Kent State, BA Candidate, International Relations
“For the proponents of greater social equality [employee ownership] enables the workers to own the enterprise and means of production, and for the adherents of Adam Smith’s principles of economics, it operates within the boundaries of the free market under the premise of self-interested competition, increasing productivity and the effectiveness of the workforce.” Read the essay.

 4th place - Scotty McWilliams, Lamar University, BBA Candidate
“People want to be part of something great. Great ideas come from people with the incentive and freedom to explore; and in that respect business is no different than any other discipline.” Read the essay.

National Winners at the NCEO conference. Photo by Hilde Stephan, Beyster Institute.

The FED sponsored these four national winners and two best-in-class winners for attendance at the NCEO/Beyster Institute Employee Ownership Conference on April 13-15, 2011 in Denver, CO.

Based on the inspirational quality of the essay submissions, we are pleased to announce that 2 other organizations have joined the FED in the celebration and recognition of our student participants:

Across all the essays, students express their beliefs on the importance of:

  • Freedom and stock – as the two most important and transferable building blocks
  • Alignment – of individual productivity, the company’ success, and their own personal success
  • Fairness – by rewarding all workers for their innovation, productivity, and contribution
  • Transparency – through open book policies inside companies as well as by government policies to encourage these ideas
  • Purpose – by establishing high-standards and a culture for employees to be part of something great
  • Inclusiveness – including a diverse range of rewards to effectively motivate a workforce made up of unique employees

We have compiled a listing of students with essays designated as winning, best-in-class or honorable mentions as well as their LinkedIn information, if provided, for companies who wish to contact them.  We invite anyone interested in either receiving a student’s resume or contact information to email

Essay Contest Participation

Essay Winners
Best-in-Class Winner:   National Winner: 
  • 4 National Winners
  • 23 best in class
  • 24 honorable mention
  • 439 essays received by professors
  • 18 universities
  • Alabama A&M University
  •   California State University, San Marcos
  •   Carnegie Mellon University
  •   DeVry University
  •   Georgia Institute of Technology
  •   Illinois Institute of Technology
  •   Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne
  •   Kent State University
  •   Lamar University
  •   MIT, Sloan School
  •   North Carolina A&T State University
  •   Oakwood University
  •   Oklahoma State University
  •   Rutgers University
  •   Stanford University
  •   University of California, San Diego
  •   University of Michigan
  •   Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Judging Panel

  • Aspen Institute, Judith Samuelson, Executive Director, Business and Society Program
  • Cirtronics Corporation, Gerardine Ferlins, Founder & CEO
  • Employee Ownership Foundation, Joseph Cabral, Chair
  • FED, Dr. J. Robert Beyster, Founder and Chairman, Founder of SAIC
  • Global Shares, Carine Schneider, CEO and Co-founder
  • Great Place to Work Institute, Dr. Amy Lyman, Co-founder
  • Harvard Law School, Aaron Bernstein, Senior Research Fellow
  • Kelso Institute for the Study of Economic Systems, Patricia Kelso, President
  • MAPA Inc., Michael A. Peck, Founder
  • SAIC, Steven P. Fisher, Treasurer
  • Southwest Airlines Co., Colleen C. Barrett, President Emeritus
  • University of Massachusetts, Daphne Berry, Ph.D. Candidate, Winner, 2009 Shared Capitalism through Employee Ownership Dissertation Proposal Award

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This Tag Cloud represents the words most commonly used by the students of the 27 highest evaluated essays. Developed using WordleTM.
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