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World's First Beyster Professorship of Employee Ownership

Joseph R. Blasi was named the J. Robert Beyster Professor of Employee Ownership at Rutgers' School of Management and Labor Relations. This is the world’s first endowed professorship of employee ownership. More Information

  • Beyster Fellowship Program

    The Beyster Fellowship Program started in 2008 to support students and faculty at business schools, engineering schools and entrepreneurship centers engaged in applied research studies and curriculum development. The Program currently includes researchers and scholars from 26 universities representing diverse academic disciplines. More Information

  • Emerging Scholar Awards

    In support of young scholars, the FED created an Emerging Scholar Award program on “Employee Ownership and Participation” in partnership with Academy of Management and Employee Ownership Foundation. The winners for the 2014 award have been announced. More Information

  • Beyster Fellowship Symposium

    The FED hosts the largest academic symposium of scholars involved in the interdisciplinary study of employee stock ownership and participation. Annual agendas and proceedings are available for since the inaugural symposium in 2009. More Information

  • National Databases

    General Social Survey (GSS)

    The FED helped establish the shared capitalism component in the GSS 2010 Survey. In addition, Beyster Fellows defined questions on shared capitalism to expand data available for government and researchers on key social and economic attitudes and behavior. More Information. More Information

    Broad-Based Equity Compensation

    The FED is supporting the NCEO in updating a consolidated data set on equity compensation, including broad-based stock options, of more than 500 public companies. More Information

Academic Research

The FED sponsors inter-disciplinary research focused on how broad-based ownership models motivate employees, improves firm performance, advances innovation, and supports economic development.