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The Beyster Institute was founded by the Foundation for Enterprise Development (FED) in 2002, and took on the commission to spread the visionary ideas of Dr. J. Robert Beyster, founder and former chairman and chief executive officer of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). These ideas that were implemented at SAIC have led to the development of many highly successful enterprises based on the potent combination of employee ownership and entrepreneurial spirit.

In 2004, the Beyster Institute joined the Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego, a leading professional school within one of the top-ranked institutions in the U.S. for higher education and research. More Information

Today, the Beyster Institute continues to promote the understanding and practice of employee ownership as an effective and responsible business model through its extensive education initiatives and consulting practice. The following are highlights of these focuses:


For Leaders of Employee-Owned Companies: The Beyster Institute offers a comprehensive program of employee ownership governance education: the Governance Curriculum for Employee Ownership Companies. The program takes the form of three intensive educational events that are offered at the Rady School of Management at intervals throughout each year. Each course addresses the needs of one of the three elements in the collaboration that governs and directs modern employee ownership companies: Employee Ownership Management program; Certificate Program for Non-Professional ESOP Fiduciaries; and Corporate Directors’ Exchange. More information

Beyster Institute Program

In addition, the Institute also offers numerous webinars throughout the year on a broad range of topics pertaining to employee ownership. More information

MBA Courses on Employee Ownership: The Beyster Institute offers Rady MBA candidates a unique opportunity to learn about employee ownership through two regular MBA elective courses. The first course offers a comprehensive review of employee ownership for Rady School MBA students titled, “Topics in Corporate Governance: Techniques in Equity Compensation.” This class covers the full range of equity incentive and compensation techniques, from synthetic equity programs to leveraged ESOPs. The second course, “Creating a High-Performing Workplace” introduces students to effective strategies and practices for the development of a high-performance workplace. The course looks at actual companies to examine how today’s businesses are fashioning new ways to maximize productivity and performance.

Beyster Institute Internships:

The Beyster Institute also provides opportunities for high-achieving Rady MBA students to participate in an educational practicum - attending management seminars, working with senior consultants, communications and marketing professionals, and assisting in the development of financial forecast models.

Beyster Institute Group

Visiting Beyster Scholars: This year, the Beyster Institute is hosting visiting Professor Fred Freundlich from Mondragon University. In collaboration with FED’s Beyster fellowship program, Freundlich will provide the Beyster Institute and UCSD with lectures, webinars, curriculum development and other educational initiatives associated with cooperatives and employee ownership. More Information

Employee Ownership Academic Case Studies: The Beyster Institute develops employee ownership-related academic case studies to be used as teaching tools as they are gaining popularity in higher education, especially business education. Several case studies have been published and are available online at the Aspen Institute’s Curriculum Library on Employee Ownership (CLEO), a global academic system designed and implemented in collaboration with the FED and the Employee Ownership Foundation. More Information


Business Owners: The Beyster Institute helps companies determine a thoughtful design of an equity-sharing program and identify the tools and resources required to implement the plan. This allows business leaders to build and maintain the kinds of employee ownership programs that turn employees into partners in enterprises and sustain a high level of business performance. The Institute’s consulting experts have helped hundreds of business owners sell ownership stakes to their employees. More information

Professional Advisors: The Beyster Institute shares employee ownership expertise with lawyers, accountants and other business consultants who may be unaware or uncertain of the significant value employee ownership can bring to their clients. More Information

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