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Welcome to the Foundation for Enterprise Development

The Foundation for Enterprise Development (FED) is a private, non-profit operating foundation dedicated to the sustainability and growth of U.S.- based science and technology companies through research, education, and services that advance innovation, entrepreneurship and broad-based ownership. FED’s Programs now include:

  • Inter-disciplinary research fellowships, awards and symposiums
  • Curricula development and collaboration on the largest global Curriculum Library on Employee Ownership
  • Development and distribution of curricula, books, films, and multimedia programs through FED Productions
  • Seed support, mentoring, judging for innovation-based competitions and accelerators

Two industry awards received for significant impact in the study of employee ownership. Read more and hear Mary Ann Beyster discuss education on employee ownership.

J. Robert Beyster Papers at UCSD

J. Robert Beyster Papers for Researchers – Now in Phase II Processing

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Award Winning Documentary Film

We the Owners Watch The Acclaimed Film

Featuring 3 Successful Sustainable Companies With Shared Ownership

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Best-Seller on Tech Growth & Succession

We the Owners

The SAIC Solution:
Built by Employee Owners

   By J. Robert Beyster and Peter Economy
   Foreword by William C. Taylor

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New Book on Domain Name History and Governance

We the Owners

Names, Numbers and Network Solutions
   By J. Robert Beyster and Michael A. Daniels
   Foreword by Vinton G. Cerf

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